Little Red's Everyday Hot Sauce with Gold Blas na hEireann Award sticker on a 250ml bottle, showcasing vibrant red sauce visible through clear glass. The label highlights the award, emphasizing the sauce's premium quality and distinct Irish flavor profile, ideal for daily culinary adventures
Close-up of Little Red's Everyday Hot Sauce bottle, foregrounding the Gold Blas na hEireann Award sticker, with a second bottle subtly blurred in the background. This image highlights the prestigious award, showcasing the brand's commitment to quality and flavor in its acclaimed Irish hot sauce
Three bottles of Little Red's Fermented Chili and Garlic Hot Sauce lined up in a row, featuring bold labels that highlight the unique fermentation process. The deep red sauce, enriched with garlic, is visible through the clear glass, presenting a tantalizing option for spice lovers and gourmet enthusiasts.
Close-up of the nutritional information and gluten-free ingredient list on Little Red's Hot Sauce bottle, highlighting its suitability for gluten-sensitive diets. The label offers clear insights into the sauce's natural ingredients and health benefits, emphasizing the brand's dedication to quality and inclusivity for all culinary enthusiasts.

Little Red's Award Winning Everyday Hot Sauce

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The number 1 Hot Sauce in Ireland 2022!

Our Award Winning, original hot sauce made from naturally fermented chillies and garlic, slowly matured to achieve the unique flavour synonymous with Little Red’s sauces. We don’t use any additives or mixing agents, making this the perfect all-natural, low calorie, gluten free and vegan friendly alternative to traditional hot sauces.

Known as our ‘Everyday Hot Sauce’, it can be put on everything and comes with a taste so good that it will have you reaching for it first thing in the morning, alongside your evening meal or all over a midnight snack!

Our ‘Everyday Hot Sauce’ is so versatile it can be used with breakfast, in sandwiches or on a cheesy slice of pizza. When you’re not dipping it why not try marinading your favourite meat dishes for the BBQ or slathering it on some chicken wings. Whatever way you choose to use, we guarantee a feast for the senses!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Tim Mapley
This Sauce Slaps

As the kids say, this sauce slaps. The BBQ suace is smoky and sweet, and the chili sauce packs a nice punch that is full of flavour.

Ciara Macken
Great everyday hot Sauce !

Use it daily, whether it’s on my scrambled eggs in the morning or chicken salad for lunch it’s a great everyday hot sauce.

Perfect Spiceyness

Usually have this with breakfast or else with my BBQ’s. Has the perfect level of spice and a staple in my fridge. Definitely recommend

Harry C
Amazing hot sauce

Combos perfect with everything

Peter Clohisey
Mean Nachos

My go to for making some nachos.nice sauce lovely kick to it.