Little Red's Selection Box featuring three signature sauces displayed on a wooden chopping board. The image showcases the variety and distinct packaging of each sauce, highlighting their unique colors and labels, making an inviting visual for food enthusiasts and gift seekers.
Lineup of Little Red's sauce collection with Everyday Hot Sauce in the forefront, followed by Chipotle BBQ, and Salsa at the back. This arrangement highlights the Everyday Hot Sauce's prominence while showcasing the diversity and depth of flavors available in Little Red's range, perfect for culinary explorations and flavor enthusiasts.
Close-up of Little Red's Award-Winning Chipotle BBQ Sauce, winner of Gold in the Condiment Category at this year's Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards. The bottle is sharply in focus with its vibrant label, while the other two sauces blur in the background, emphasizing the Chipotle BBQ Sauce's acclaimed status and rich, smoky flavor profile.
Focused close-up of Little Red's Gluten-Free Slow Roasted Pepper & Garlic Salsa, with other sauces softly blurred in the background. The salsa's label is prominent, showcasing its key features of slow-roasted peppers and garlic, underlining its gluten-free attribute, and appealing to health-conscious and flavor-seeking consumers

Selection Box

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Not sure which sauce to try? This product is for you. 

Enjoy all of our sauces this Christmas with our first ever Selection Box, with something for everyone to enjoy!

The box comes with one of each of our original sauces -The ultimate Stocking Filler! 


1 - Everyday Hot Sauce (#1 Hot Sauce in Ireland 2022)

1 - Slow Roasted Pepper & Garlic Salsa

1 - Chipotle BBQ Sauce (#1 Condiment in Ireland 2023)

All are Gluten-Free, Vegan friendly and handmade with locally sourced, premium ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Dempsey

Everyday hot sauce is so good!

Salsa so good!

Good value for all three items, and arrived quickly. The salsa is delicious and I practically eat it with everything!

Couldn't be happier!

Fantastic flavours, prompt delivery and love that it is all natural and locally sourced! Bought some for gifts and everyone loved them :) will definitely be buying again!

Greta Crothers

They have not arrived, I am sorry to say.

Ciaran Clifford
Best in the business

Sauces are absolutely divine.

Love the selection box, will be ordering again